energy efficient alternative to air conditioning

External WetBox – Large

90% more energy efficient than traditional refrigerant air conditioning

External WetBox – Large

The WetBox evaporative cooler contains inbuilt evaporative cooling pads.

SMARTech Heating & Cooling External WetBox – LargeThe EcoCooler Wetbox should be used as part of a mechanical ventilation system or air handling solution with a paired supply and extract fan.

They are designed to be externally mounted and the standard configuration is down flow, where air is supplied from the base of the cooler into the area that requires cooling.


An output is offered to communicate the state of the cooler. An input is available to enable and disable cooling in the evaporative cooler.

Modes of operation

Cooling Mode

In cooling mode, the water circulation system is in operation and the cooling pads are wetted. The evaporation of water from the pads results in a reduction in air temperature. Additional extract and supply fans are used to draw air through the cooler and building.

Configuration Options

SMARTech Heating & Cooling External WetBox – Large

Alternative Options

Evaporative cooling WetBoxes are also available in a smaller size (up to 1,160m3/hr), please see the EcoCooling WetBox Small product page for more details. If you are looking at an installation where there is no outside plant space, call our specialist team for advice about plant rooms.

The External Wetbox Large is designed and manufactured by EcoCooling –

Evaporative cooling provides heating solutions for energy conscious organisations

Costs less than 15p per hour


  • Energy Savings of up to 90% compared to air conditioning
  • Up to 60Kw of cooling from just 2.4Kw of electricity
  • Reduced Carbon footprint
  • Heating and cooling system available
  • Provides more comfortable working environment

Where to use

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Evaporative Cooling External WetBox – Large
Evaporative Cooling External WetBox – how it works diagram
Evaporative Cooling External WetBox – Large
Evaporative Cooling External WetBox diagram

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