energy efficient alternative to air conditioning

Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400

90% more energy efficient than traditional refrigerant air conditioning

Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400

The ECT Internal range of coolers combine a ventilation system, evaporative cooling, recirculation, filtration and CREC® controls into a single box solution.

Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400This design significantly reduces installation costs. ECT units are not suitable for external use and are predominantly used in IT cooling installations.


The ECT5400 is part of the internal evaporative cooler range by EcoCooling. The compact design facilitates installation, making it the ideal option for small server or telecommunications rooms. The unit has a number of configuration options to accommodate varying installation constraints. The ECT unit is also available in a 10800m3/hr model for larger IT loads and data centres.


A 2-speed wall control is supplied as standard with the evaporative cooler, this is normally connected to a thermostat to give automatic control. There is also a facility to connect to a timer, humidistat and fire alarm contact. An internal relay is also available to drive an external fan. The controller provides an integrated commissioning and maintenance cleaning sequence which provides a fault alarm code. For more details on advanced controls options please visit our Controls(link) product page.

Modes of operation

Attemperation Mode

In attemperation mode, cold supply air is mixed with warm recirculated air via a damper on the top of the unit, this allows closer control of temperatures for IT environments.

Ventilation Mode

In ventilation mode, the water circulation system is not in operation. The coolers supply fan is used to bring external ambient air into the building.

Cooling Mode

In cooling mode, the water circulation system is in operation and the cooling pads are wetted. The evaporation of water from the pads results in a reduction in air temperature.

Core Features

The standard unit is supplied assembled and comprises of a fan chamber and a corrosion resistant AluZincTM wetbox. When assembled the unit is able to fit through a single door, it can be split into two pieces allowing for movement through smaller spaces.

Fan: The unit comes with a 450mm centrifugal EC fan. Use of EC (Electrically Commutated) fans results in significantly quieter and more energy efficient operation than AC alternatives.

Filtration: The cooler contains an EU4 filtration panel at the fresh air intake which has an inbuilt insect screen. Additional filtration options are available for recirculation and supply air.

Control System: Inbuilt CREC® control system with integrated touch screen.

The Internal Evaporative Cooler ECT5400 is designed and manufactured by EcoCooling –

Eco cooling provides heating solutions for energy conscious organisations

Costs less than 15p per hour


  • Energy Savings of up to 90% compared to air conditioning
  • Up to 60Kw of cooling from just 2.4Kw of electricity
  • Reduced Carbon footprint
  • Heating and cooling system available
  • Provides more comfortable working environment

Where to use

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Evaporative Cooling Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400
Evaporative Cooling Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400
Evaporative Cooling Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400
Evaporative Cooling Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400

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