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Evaporative Cooling

SMARTech Cooling evaporative coolers incorporate the latest and most advanced technology to deliver energy-efficient evaporative cooling

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is a completely natural way of producing refreshing cool air and only runs at 10% of the running cost of air conditioning.

EcoCooling Authorised installer - SMARTech CoolingAs an Authorised Installer of leading industry brand EcoCooling, SMARTech Cooling incorporate the latest and most advanced technology to deliver energy-efficient evaporative cooling.

The following video from EcoCooling provides a great explanation of evaporative cooling solutions:

Low Cost Cooling

Evaporative cooling is the same price to install (although it can often be cheaper), can make use of existing ducting, and is comparable in purchase price to standard air conditioning units.

Environmentally Friendly

Evaporative cooling cools without the need for refrigerants. Instead a direct evaporative cooler, uses wetted filter pads, which cools air by bringing it into contact with water.

EcoCoolers Evaporative Cooling System - SMARTech Heating & Cooling

Water evaporates into the air stream and cools, following the principle of the ‘wind-chill effect’. Lots of modern buildings require cooling for the comfort of the occupants or to protect the equipment/processes they contain. Evaporative cooling improves equipment performance and reliability, whilst at the same time providing more pleasant working environment.


Energy Efficient

Evaporative cooling systems are extremely efficient – delivering 35 kW of cooling for 2.4kW of electricity (24p per hour to operate). An evaporative cooling installation typically consumes less than 10% of the electricity of an equivalently rated refrigeration based cooling system. Return on investment is usually between 2-5 years for industrial systems and can be as low as 6 months for environments where the cooling is required 24/7 e.g data centres.

The evaporative cooling system is a very popular alternative to traditional refrigeration air conditioning for many reasons. It is incredibly cost effective, and could save you over 90% in cooling costs and uses just 10% of the energy.

Evaporative cooling systems are popular alternatives to traditional refrigeration air conditioning

90% more energy efficient than traditional refrigerant air conditioning


  • Energy Savings of up to 90% compared to air conditioning
  • Up to 60Kw of cooling from just 2.4Kw of electricity
  • Reduced Carbon footprint
  • Heating and cooling system available
  • Provides more comfortable working environment

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SMARTech Cooling provides evaporative cooling products to enable easy installation and commissioning

Evaporative Cooling - External EcoCooler – Small

External EcoCooler – Small

Evaporative Cooling - External EcoCooler – Large

External EcoCooler – Large

Evaporative Cooling - External WetBox – Small

External WetBox – Small

Evaporative Cooling - External WetBox – LArge

External WetBox – Large

Evaporative Cooling - Internal Evaporative Cooler

Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT5400

Evaporative Cooling - Internal Evaporative Cooler

Internal Evaporative Cooler – ECT10800

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